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"From Dream to Innovation: Our Story"

Dr Danielle IWANDZA earned a state doctorate in Medicine with a Dermatology Speciality diploma from Montpellier School of Medicines and a Pharmaco-epidemiology degree from Bordeaux School of Pharmacy, both in France. She also studied Clinical trials and Quality Assurance and joined the pharmaceutical industry since 1998, where she had growing responsibilities in pharmacovigilance within major and medium-sized companies, working with cross-functional departments, and closely collaborating with all GxP environments.

In 2017, she founded PharmaCqARE, a consulting business with the motto "We care about you" , specifically committed to Quality (q of PharmaCqARE ) that offers services in pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, and clinical trials.

As a pharmacovigilance specialist, she understood that the product safety profiles she utilised for evaluation were at risk of being inaccurate due to a lack of reporting on the one hand and the growing threat of counterfeit medicines on the other, which led to risks being wrongly attributed to genuine products, particularly in countries with limited regulation.

Her journey led her to create the MyVeriMed project when she realised that more needed to be done to better safeguard the supply of medications and gather data in order to lower risk for patients.

In order to handle technical elements of medications, such as technology and quality control, MVMed Agency was later established in 2022.

This cutting-edge startup's one and only goal is to completely transform the way health and safety are handled.

Our dedication and commitment were unchanging. Our main goal was to raise public health standards and guarantee patient safety.

MVMed Agency is paving the way for a safer and brighter healthcare future.


Dr. Danielle Iwandza, MD.

PharmaCqARE & MVMed Agency Founder & CEO

Our Team
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Our Activities

1. Development of Health Solutions


  1. Develop e-solutions to contribute to protect pubic health.
    MVMed agency has a dedicated R&D team developing solutions that we are also preparing for the certification with the support of our Quality Assurance Manage.MVMed Agency's focus on enhancing public health and patient safety is evident in their commitment to providing innovative and efficient solutions. Our first solution, MyVeriMed, is an anomaly detection tool to secure the pharmaceutical supply chain, prevent any issues and protect patients live.

  2. Provide Expertise to external clients willing to develop their health solution.
    This support is provided in the following domains :

    - Medical

    - Pharmaceutical

    - Technical

Contact us for more details

2. Support to Pharma Control Laboratories - UPCOMING πŸ’₯


  1. Provide Assistance to Organisations, governments:

    - Development of control laboratory projects, regardless of the stage.

    - Consulting activities for a pre-existing control laboratory.

    - Continuous Training

    - Auditing activities under Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)

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Our Product Portfolio

β€’ Discover our range of innovative healthcare solutions designed to address the evolving needs of the industry, empower healthcare professionals and improve patient outcomes.

β€’ At MVMed Agency, we are dedicated to staying at the forefront of technology and healthcare trends.

β€’ Our products are regularly updated to incorporate the latest advancements and to ensure they meet the highest industry standards, in compliance with Regulatory Requirements.

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Our Partners


Get in touch with our dedicated team for inquiries, feedback, or collaborations. We value your input and are always eager to hear from you. Whether you have questions about our products or want to explore partnership opportunities, we are here to assist you.

Our Address

49-53 avenue de la division Leclerc 92290, ChΓ’tenay-Malabry, FRANCE

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